B1. Lomi Lomi 2hr / 2500元
  流程Procedure:健康諮詢→淋浴→芬蘭浴→檸檬葉薰香→Lomi Lomi→臉部按摩→頭部舒壓→面膜→養生茶
  Healthy Consultation→Shower→Sauna→The Lemon Leaf Smoke→Lomi Lomi→Face Massage→Scalp elaxation→Mask→Health Herb Tea 。
Making use of a palm, elbow, and finger is different from traditional massage of hard punch. Stretching body with natural rhyme, relaxing the tight muscle, emphasizing bodily natural rhythm, and applying the skill filled with a delicate swinging can quickly make the mind and body harmonious.
  B2. Relaxation 2hr / 2500元
  Procedure:Healthy Consultation→Shower→Sauna→The Lemon Leaf Smoke→Relaxation→Face Massage→Scalp Relaxation→Mask→Health Herb Tea
Combine lymph, tendons, and veins massage by thorough shallow going to deeply of making use of a lymphoid trend to push to discard toxin out of body. To massage acupuncture points to order strength thorough muscle layers inside can guide pressure to release, make spirit and blood circulation more smoothly, and relax mind and body thoroughly.
  B3. Harmony 2hr / 2500元
  Procedure:Healthy Consultation→Shower→Sauna→The Lemon Leaf Smoke→Harmony→Face Massage→Scalp Relaxation→Mask→Health Herb Tea
Combine lymph and the muscle relax massage skill, permeating by the plant ethereal oil, carrying on purifying blood, improving constitution, regulating nerve, and easing worry anxiously with unwell. Massaging with rhythm and light and soft slow-moving can integrate feelings and consciousness to help energy inside the body move smoothly.
  B4. Curvaceous 2hr / 2500元
  Procedure:Healthy Consultation→Shower→The Lemon Leaf Smoke→Curvaceous→Face Massage→Scalp Relaxation→Mask→Sauna→Health Herb Tea
Making use of the ethereal oil attribute with a natural Arbutin by using unique and special massage skill to make the skin produce a hot effect to eject surplus humidity, improve edema and bad circulation efficiently. Applying with beautiful chest attribute ethereal oil accelerates mammary glands absorption the estrogen of the blood and whole body curve will be gradually beautiful.
B5. Wu Xing Stone concept of the five elements 2hr / 3200元

(of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth)
used in ancient Chinese cosmology and later in herb medicine

  流程:健康諮詢→淋浴→擺石→檸檬葉薰香→Wu Xing Stone按摩→臉部按摩→頭部七段刮痧 →面膜→芬蘭浴→養生茶
  Procedure:Healthy Consultation→Shower→stone on the body→The Lemon Leaf Smoke→Wu Xing Stone Massage→Face Massage→Head Seven Steps Toxin Reduction→Mask→Sauna→Health Herb Tea
Making use of the jade contains energies of five elements attribute, adopting to fondling, wiping to press, crumpling, kneading to clip, wisting, turning, scraping, slicing, and Tai Ji manual skilland using the hot source from energy stone, getting in touch with body directly to conduct the heat to the
blood circulation quickly, activating cells to metabolize, repair, maintain, and renew, improving nerve conduction function, relaxing muscle spasm, helping vein and lymph to flow and making the soft organization acquire a full activity and function.
B6.身心靈氣掛平衡 40min/2500
  Procedure:Healthy Consultation→Choice Volatile Oil→Shower→Sauna→The Lemon Leaf Smoke→Chakra Body Massage→Face Massage→Scalp Relaxation→Face Mask→Health Herb Tea

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