M1 耳燭淨化 Purify treatment of cranium 1hr / 1200元
  流程 Procedure
  clean skin→ relax shoulder neck→ Pacify lymph→ head anti- presses→ Indian ear attendance→ Thymus lymph toxin discard à scrape neck and head→ healthy herb tea
The traditional Indian cranial cavity toxin discard treatment is make use of a stick of combustion along with a massage technique to lead lymphoid flow from face, ear, shoulder, neck, to shoulder bone in order to remove toxin. At the same time, using professional ethereal oil is to smooth over nervous pressure. Through nature conduct function, the toxin of head and cranial cavity will be cleaned up quickly, reduce stress, headache, insomnia, allergic eye and ear, and other infection symptom.
M2. 商務背部舒壓
The business back pressure relief
50min / 1500元
  流程 Procedure
健康諮詢→ 淋浴→ 檸檬葉薰香→ 背部舒壓→ 養生茶點
  Body Consultation → Take a shower → Smoke with Lemon leaf à Thai herb treatment → Smooth over back pressure → Healthy herb tea
M3 美胸護理 Beauty breast care 60min / 1500元
  健康諮詢→ 淋浴→美胸按摩手法→ 美胸塑型→ 美胸保養→ 養生茶點
  Body Consultation → Take a shower → Stimulate Mammary gland → Breast Shaping → Tight breast skill → Healthy herb tea
Use exclusive manual skill and molding technique in coordination with a physiology period of each customer and detailed consultation to make perfect chest shapes.
M4局部曲線雕塑 Partial Body Shaping 40min / 1500元
  流程 Procedure
  Body Consultation → Take a shower → Moulding skill → Partial shaping → Tight skill → Healthy herb tea
According to detailed consultation for each customer’s fat distribution, Thai Spa makes exclusive slimming cream for each customer, massages to the body muscle by using professional skill to metabolize fat and using tight shaping technique to make the whole body shape gradually perfect.
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